Blog Post 5: First Playable

What the game currently looks like when you start playing.

This is a review of the playtest my partner and I took part in yesterday. Our game, currently called Soul of the Forest ( we’re still working on a good title.) had its alpha test yesterday. Being an artist with a little programming experience, I am the Programmer and Designer for this game project. Since I had not heard of Unity or tried to create a video game before, this was a new experience. Learning how to animate sprites and drag art to the scene was, in my opinion, the most fun aspect of it, but I think that is because I am familiar with it. While I have read that Unity can use Javascript and C#, I was hoping I would find a way to use Javascript. Unfortunately, I found many tutorials that were demoing windows builds. This would normally be fine, but for the purposes of a web-based game and being unable to find the right tutorials that worked for me, I had hit a bit of a snag in the road. Once I got all the art in the game, I had struggled to discover how to even get the character to move. Now, I eventually got it working in time for the Alpha, but having played the game myself, and with the playtesters, it was clear the mechanics or the movements were not complete, and maybe a little broken. With the added dilemma of adding a walking mechanic to the game, there was no time to add the enemies that will be in the final game, to the alpha.

As far as feedback goes for the game, we received comments about being pleasantly surprised at the character, Tama, floating away, to never return unless you refreshed the page. When asking if the running and jumping felt fluid to the gameplay, the majority of testers agreed that it did. Other than that, there were a few comments about the gravity. When asking whether or not the art/sound went well with the game overall, some said the platforms clashed with the main characters color scheme, while others thought the art was fine. Other feedback that we had gotten suggested adding enemies and other decorative items to the scene, as well as fixing the mechanics of the game. All in all, we successfully completed our first alpha test of the game.

What is there to say?